Regular Interpreting and Travel Support

Regular interpreting and travel support on demand.

Professional Interpreters and translators for personal and business needs.

Service is run  according to global standards. In-person interpreting services for your large city travel.

Pool of interpreters: from guides to specialist interpreters for business negotiations, conferences or lectures, including interpreters who specialize in business, economics, law, manufacturing, or science.

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Our Interpreting Options:

Regular Interpreting

In-person interpreting services for your large city travel or business.



Regular interpreters helping you tour the sightseeing’s and resolve personal matters, supported by students to seasoned professionals, trained in guiding and interpreting.

Business and professional

simultaneous and consecutive interpretation

Interpreters with specialized education: lawyers, economists, MBAs, PhDs in science (Ukraine, USA, EU-trained specialists). Our pros will make sure your interpreting gives you correct understanding and an edge during complex negotiations or other events.

We provide other services — see our other services page.

Interpreting for Legal Matters and Government Agencies

Call us when you deal with government officials or agencies, or if you need interpreting of legal or business conversation.

We can also refer you to a good lawyer in Ukraine or Poland – and he or she can advise you over the phone. Different rates. Prepayment applies.

Written translations

From simple personal to expert level. Translations of personal documents. Translations of complex business, legal and scientific documents, including multimillion contracts by PhDs, MBAs, lawyers, economists, engineers, biologists. For more information please contact us/


Regular interpreter (casual interpreting) $15-20 hour

Skilled business or legal or science interpreter (JD, MBA, PhD) $20-$40 per hour.


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