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Other services and partnerships:

Other services

Arranging medical services and lab testing at affordable cost (medical travel)

Pick and drop off at the airport or train station (Kiev or other major Ukrainian city)

Automobile transportation service

Arranging residential accommodations

Purchase and delivery of grocery or other food and meals

Arranging for personal security

Arranging rooms and offices for negotiations

Arranging auditoriums and conference halls for events and lectures

Legal services, if such need arises

Help with filling out or preparation of any paperwork

Real estate sale and purchase consulting

Personal secretary service for your stay in Ukraine and even when you are abroad



IT help, programming and web-design (outsourcing)


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Medical tourism

You can call us and we can refer you to a proper doctor or lab for testing, often at the lower cost than in your home country:

Lab tests (blood work)



Physical therapy

Dentistry and dental work.

Physician appointment

Specialist appointment (Immunologist, cardiologist, and more)

Surgery (including neurosurgery)

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